Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Truth or Fiction

The plight of the albinos.

This information came to our attention in 2008.  We finished our original story in 2009. Later that year, ABC’s 20/20 reporter JuJu Chang did an excellent documentary on the murder of albinos in Tanzania so their body parts could be sold to rogue witch doctors on the black market. 

In 2010, JuJu reported on hesitation again. We were hopeful new legislation and humanitarian efforts had stopped this barbaric practice.

Sadly, the Metro News reported the atrocities committed against those born with this genetic mutation are still very real today. Less than 2% of Tanzanian albinos survive beyond their 40th birthday.

How, you might ask, can the world continue to turn a blind-eye to the systematic genocide of a fragile people group? How did Hitler manage to nearly decimate the Jewish population in the 1940’s?

All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to pretend it doesn’t exist…to do nothing.


  1. I know, Julie. It's so hard to believe things like this happen in our world today.